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Bulgaria vignette

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Bulgaria – 10 days e-vignette for vehicles up to 3.5 tons

Valid from now or from the selected date.


Bulgaria – 30 days e-vignette for vehicles up to 3.5 tons

Valid from now or from the selected date.


Bulgaria – one year e-vignette for vehicles up to 3.5 tons

Valid from now or from the selected date.


Vignette Bulgaria

Are you going on a trip to Bulgaria by car? Be sure to familiarise yourself with the rules of the road, especially on expressways and motorways. Bulgaria is a frequent touristic destination. No wonder. It is a perfect option not only for the fans of breathtaking Black Sea beaches. It is also a beautiful mountain landscape and an ideal place for all lovers of hiking in mountain areas. Vehicles entering the Bulgarian territory, or rather their drivers, must remember to buy vignettes to Bulgaria. Vignettes apply to all toll road sections. In our offer you can find Bulgaria e-vignettes for 7 days, 30 days, and an annual package. There is more to it. Besides the purchase of the vignette, you also have to register it. We provide such services, so that our drivers do not have to worry about any additional formalities during their trip to Bulgaria.

Bulgaria – online vignettes

This kind of road toll applies not only to the Bulgarian territory, but also to a few other European countries. In order for the drive to be safe and carefree, it is not worth to take the risk to enter any expressway or any motorway without a purchased vignette. You can be fined for the lack of a vignette. You can buy them offline at patrol stations, at post offices, and at border crossings. However, more and more drivers choose to purchase it over the Internet. If you use our services, we register you vignette, as the purchase is not everything.

Bulgaria – online vignette

If you use our service, enter your vehicle registration number and country of registration and we will register your vignette within minutes after you place and pay for your order, so you don’t have to worry about being fined. While setting off for a trip to another country, you have to prepare accordingly. If you are going to travel by car, the first thing to do before the departure is to familiarise yourself with traffic regulations of the country you are travelling to. Check, what is the speed limit in built-up areas and outside built-up areas, and also what tolls you must pay to enter Bulgarian motorways. It is not worth to take the risk. The fee for the vignettes is much cheaper than paying a fine for the lack of it. It is better to avoid problems with the foreign police and complete all the formalities even right at the border, or make the payment online and use our services.

Bulgaria – online vignettes

Is the purchase of a vignette mandatory? Yes and we provide you with variants for all passenger cars up to 3.5 tonnes. The passenger car drivers must remember to buy a vignette and that there are 3 types of vignettes in our offer: 7-day, 30-day, or an annual. The validity period of a vignette has to be adjusted to the driver’s needs. Annual vignettes are often purchased by passenger cars which drive in Bulgaria on a daily basis. If you are going on holiday to this country, you can choose the 7-day or the 30-day variant, depending on your needs. You can pay the toll offline or online. Are you going to Bulgaria and are you going to drive though national roads? Remember that you must purchase a vignette. You can be fined for not having a vignette, which in most cases is higher than the cost of the vignette itself. In this case, it’s really not worth taking the risk and get everything sorted out before entering the expressway.

Bulgaria – vignettes

Buying vignettes for cars on expressways and motorways is compulsory in Bulgaria, and the price of the vignette depends on how long it is valid for. Travelling in your own car is extremely pleasant and comfortable. However, crossing the border of one’s own country is also a big responsibility, as every country may have regulations that we are not aware of. That is also the case, when it comes to the vignettes. Not in every country the purchase of the vignette is mandatory. In Bulgaria, it is compulsory to buy a vignette, and the fee can be paid either offline or online. Vehicles travelling on Bulgarian motorways must have a vignette purchased, irrespective of the registration number, as this regulation applies not only to residents of the country, but also to all foreign tourists. We hope you use our services. We register the vignettes, thanks to which drivers do not have to worry about any additional formalities. Any vehicle driving through Bulgarian expressways that has a purchased vignette, can drive on them completely legally, with no worries about fines. Vignette in Bulgaria? We will register it for you!

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